Mercedes Tire Warranty

Mercedes Tire Warranty

Mercedes Tire Warranty

Expect the unexpected - as well as the tire of a car. As extenzielles component which adhesion takes the only on a vehicle to the ground, the tire is the most vulnerable part for damage of any kind. Whether it's the nail you to drive on the road in the tires or the curb bump, which is not always be avoided.

When buying a Mercedes-Benz tire on a complete wheel, the Mercedes tire warranty is included. The tire warranty protects you from unpleasant damage as run-in objects (nails, screws or broken), impact damage from curbs and tire blow. In case of damage you will receive within 24 months from date of purchase a spare tire for your Mercedes-Benz.

  • warranty Claims
    • run-in objects (nails, broken glass, etc.)
    • Use damage (crash damage by curbs)
    • blowouts
  • Advantages of the Mercedes Tire Warranty
    • Spare tires within 24 months from date of purchase
    • Cost savings compared to buying new
    • Competent local contact

In case of damage, please contact us through our contact form or call 02181 - 6586-77. Our tire specialists will gladly answer your questions about the Mercedes tire warranty and help you in the settlement with the insurer.

Below you will find the warranty terms and a form to claim notification to download:

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