Mercedes components - suspension

Mercedes is a high quality car brand, in addition to sophisticated function and stylish design also attach great importance to noticeable Comfort lays. Mercedes original parts around the suspension make one valuable contribution.

First-class driving comfort with Mercedes suspension

If you do not want to feel every bump when driving, is in the Mercedes Feathers right. The original Mercedes parts catch vibrations Unevenness on the road reliably. Whether A-Class, B-Class or suspension for the C-Class: With original parts succeed a cushioning, the highest Claims met. In the range of Mercedes spare parts can be found here Products for every vehicle and every individual need. Both the Mercedes Front spring and the rear spring are available in different variants and Colors available.

No compromise on the stabilizer

In terms of optimized ride comfort is also the stabilizer important criterion. Again, spare parts from Mercedes are due to their Compelling compatibility is the ideal choice. An original part in the matching Execution and length, whether rod or torsion bar, is an important helper when it That's why, even on bumpy ground, a quiet performance of the chassis to allow.

When putting shock absorbers on Mercedes spare parts

For catching potholes, driving over curbs or and similar disturbances in the normal driving rhythm you need a professional Suspension. Mercedes shock absorbers are available for all classes and especially for the right and left side of your vehicle worked. With a shock absorber leg in the quality of the original equipment, you can enjoy a quiet ride, even if the road below you due to weather conditions, current construction or similar factors is not in an ideal condition.

In short: With Mercedes original parts for suspension and damping, you drive safely while your passengers can sleep or work undisturbed.


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