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Oil filter

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Mercedes components - oil filter

Mercedes quality shows in tireless mileage. An important contribution to make the original Mercedes filter for engine and transmission oil. These are offered here in our shop.


Original Mercedes oil filters keep the engine and transmission in good condition

Oil filters remove particles from the engine or gearbox oil. These are mainly caused by abrasion, in the engine but also in the form of combustion products. If such particles are left in the oil, they increase the wear on bearings, gears and sliding surfaces such as the piston rings and cylinder walls. This in turn increases the amount of particles in the oil. Oil filters counteract this cycle. They save engine and transmission, but also extend the oil change intervals. Nevertheless, the oil change is also necessary with a Mercedes filter, because lubricating oils change chemically over time and can no longer show optimal effects.


For smooth running: Change oil filter or insert regularly

As the filter collects the debris from the oil, its performance decreases over time. When changing the oil, therefore, the filter or its use should also be replaced by the corresponding Mercedes components. Which spare parts you need for your Mercedes depends on the design of the respective filter. They can be designed as disposable filters or equipped with an exchangeable filter cartridge. Whether oil filter gasoline, oil filter diesel or gear oil filter, you original oil filter cartridge and the original filter cartridge for your Mercedes, you can find here. Also associated accessories such as the oil drain plug and the appropriate sealing ring.

If you need help choosing the right oil filter or would you like expert advice on oil filters and filter cartridges, then our friendly team of experts is at your disposal. Contact us!


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